We are happy to exchange or refund items not suitable subject to our Returns Policy. Items must be in perfect condition, complete with original packaging and the packaging should be undamaged.


You have 14 DAYS from the date of delivery to contact us to let us know that you wish to return your item.

You then have 7 DAYS to return the item/s to us.

If you contact us after 14 days, or return the items later then the 7 days stated, they may not be refunded.

When sending your goods back to us, the cost is covered by you.

We recommend using a tracked service as you are responsible for the parcel until it arrives back with us. If the parcel goes missing in transit you have a much better chance of being able to claim your money back from the courier with a tracked service.

If an item goes missing in transit, please contact us if you have to put a claim in as we can provide you with a headed letter confirming it has not been recevied. This should help with your claim if it is required by the courier.

You are more then welcome to choose an untracked service.

We accept no responsibilty for returned items until they have arrived back with us.

  • With all original tags attached
  • In the same undamaged packaging they were sent out in
  • If you receive your item in a box/bag (such as a shoe box or a clothing bag) please do not use the products box/bag as an outer to your return parcel. Put the box in a bag/box to protect the packaging. For example, do not stick a return label on to the box directly. This will be classed as a damaged item.
  • Items must be clean and not smell. We can not accept items back that have dirt, animal hair, mud etc on them as in accordance with the Health and Safe Act 1972
  • All items must be ‘as new’ and in a salable condition

We can not accept the below for a refund. If you send us any items, or items in the state listed, they will not be refunded.

  • Dirty Items – Items that have mud, sweat, grease, horse hair, or any other dirt will not be handle by our staff as in accordance with the Health and Safe Act 1972 and we will contact you. Items will be returned to you at your cost.
  • Wet Items – Items that are wet can not be returned to us in accordance with the Health and Safe Act 1972
  • Smelly Items – If an item is return back to us smelling (for example of smoke, stable smells – horse urine, poo and other smells) it will not be refunded and will be sent back to you at your own cost.
  • Items With Horse Hair/Dirt – We can not accept items with horse hair/grease/mud etc on them. If you have tried an equestrian item on your horse, it is your responsibility to make sure it does not become dirty/hairy/smelly. Try rugs on over a clean cotton sheet/fleece, do not try horse boots on dirty legs or in a dirty stable for example. In accordrance with the Health and Safe Act 1972 we are not permitted to handle items soiled in this way and we will contact you to arrange them being returned to you at your cost.
  • Non Refundable Items – Several items in our store are non refundable for safetly and hygiene reasons. Items such as riding hats, underwear etc are non-returnable and non-refundable. Items that are non returnable will be marked on their product page.
  • Personalised Items – We can not accept returns on items that have been personalised

Email us at sportsfx@yahoo.co.uk to let us know you would like to return your item within 14 days of your parcel delivery.

Form our reply date, you now have 7 days to send us the item/s.

Make sure your item is in perfect condition, complete with its original packaging and this packaging is undamaged and has all tags attached.  See above for what we can not accept back.

Include a copy of your invoice with the reason you are sending the item back. Alternatively send us a note including all the below information:

  • Name the order was placed under
  • Order Date
  • Your address
  • The product details
  • Why you are returning

Send the parcel back to us at:

RETURNS, Sports FX, 67-71 Northgate, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, BD19 3HZ

As soon as the parcel is received the item/s will be inspected and we will contact you regarding your refund/exchange.

If we receive your item back in perfect condition we will contact you and issue a refund. Legally we have 14 days to refund, however it is usually done 1-3 days after your parcel arrives back with us.

Refunds must be processed on to the original card you paid with, no other card can be refunded.