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Betts Bowl Grip

Popular combination polish and grip. Adds lustre to bowls when polished and adds grip when applied to fingers. Simply massage

Bowls Footers

Bowls footers in a range of colours.

Bowls Stickers

Bowls Stickers Price is per sticker

Drake Pride Draper Inside Spring Calipers

£14.00 £12.50
Drakes Pride 6″ Bowls Measuring Calipers are a must for Unpires or anyone who ‘Marks’ regularly.

Drakes Pride 30m Bowls Measuring Tape

£17.00 £14.99
The Drakes Pride 30m. (100') Fibre Bowls Measuring Tape can be used on both Crown Green & Lawn Bowls Greens.

Drakes Pride Bowls Polishing Sleeve

Use a Drakes Pride Bowls Polishing Sleeve in conjunction with Drakes Pride Bowls Sheen to give your Bowls an 'all round' polish and grip.

Drakes Pride Collapsible Bowls and Jack Lifter

£27.50 £24.50
Steel construction one piece collapsible lifter. Are you having difficulty bending to pick up the Bowls and Jack? This is the answer; a collapsible,

Drakes Pride Get-A-Grip Cloth

If your hand keeps slipping while bowling then this is for you. A tacky cloth to enhance your grip. Use

Drakes Pride Rigid Scorecard Holder

£6.00 £4.99
Drakes Pride Rigid Scorecard Holder

Drakes Pride Rinklock Measure 11 Foot

£22.00 £17.99
Drakes Pride Rinklock Measure 11ft String Measure

Drakes Pride Spray Chalk

Drakes Pride Spray Chalk. Aerosol spray can. Ozone friendly.

Drakes Pride Synthetic Ladies Bowls Gloves

Drakes Pride Ladies Bowls Gloves are a synthetic Bowls Glove that enables better grip of your Bowl. It is a very popular

Henselite Grippo

The best selling bowls polish in the world. Assists with grip and easy to apply. Grippo comes in a convenient screw cap tube.

Sun Visor

Keep the sun out of your eyes with this sun visor.

Taylor Bowls Grip-It Stick

£10.00 £8.99
The Taylor Bowls Grip-It Stick is a simple pocket sized twist stick that applies a compound to your hand/fingers that both cleanly and efficiently ensures maximum grip in all conditions.

Taylor Bowls Tournament Measure

£25.00 £19.99
11ft measure designed with help and advice from the top officials and in conjunction with information gleaned from bowlers at all levels of the game. Our designers took into account modern technology, accuracy, ease of use, quality and value in their conquest for these specifications.

Taylor GRIPPIT Cloth

The feel of a new grip every time you play. No more over-gripping to compensate for lack of feel. Safe