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Kooga IPS Padded Shorts

Our special Impact Protection System Shorts are ergonomically designed for easy movement and a comfier fit. Ideal for reducing tissue

McDavid Hexpad Padded Shorts

£25.00 £19.99
Mid-length compression shorts with patented HexPad padded protection for the hips and thighs.

Optimum League XIII Bicep Guard

£13.00 £8.99
The League XIII Bicep Guard offers total protection for your biceps.

Optimum League XIII Forearm Guard

£13.00 £11.50
League XIII Forearm Guard offers total protection and support for your forearm and elbow.

Optimum League XIII Impact Shorts

League XIII impact shorts are designed to be worn under shorts, providing additional impact protection from hits on the field. Unique OPT-HEX hexagon EVA padding absorbs and disperses impact, which are mated to close fitting Lycra shorts with an extra wide waistband for comfort.