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Makura Ignis Pro Gum Shield

£10.00 £7.99
Makura mouthguards combine a super tough, shock absorbing outer layer with a Gelform liner which moulds to your mouth for a perfect fit.

Makura Lithios Pro Gum Shield For Braces

£20.00 £14.99
The Lithos Pro is specially designed for wearers of fixed braces, being made with medical-grade silicone rubber. This ready-made mouthguard features and Ortho Channel to fit over braces for a secure, comfortable fit.

Makura Tephra Max Gum Shield

£15.00 £13.50
Makura Tephra Max mouthguards combine a Shokbloker outer with a Gelform liner and Flexicore which reinforces the strength of the mouthguard and adds extra protection.

Makura Toka Pro Gum Shield

£5.00 £4.50
Super tough Shokblocker mouthguard with a comfortable fit.

Opro Silver Gum Shield

£13.00 £9.99
The Opro Silver Mouthguard will protect your teeth from damage during hockey or rugby matches and other high risk sports. Two layers of protecting, the outer shell provides enhanced impact protection while the flexible inner layer provides comfort and fit.  

Safejawz Extro Series Gum Shield

Protection with Personality. The revolutionary new sports mouthguard that through all of its advanced product features, boasts a very comfortable fit and optimum protection for ALL sports.