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BCE Riley Cue Towel

£7.75 £4.99
Every snooker or pool player needs a cue and hand towel but the Riley Cue Towel is nice and soft and a good size to carry in your cue case. Used to wipe sticky and sweaty snooker or pool cues and the players hands whilst playing.

BCE Tip Cement

£3.99 £2.50
The BCE Tip Cement can be used for maintaining and repairing all your cue tips. This tip cement is fast drying and can be used for an instant repair.

BCE Tip Shaper

£5.99 £2.99
Shaper for pool and snooker tips.

PowerGlide Magnetic Chalk Holder

This durable plastic chalk holder hooks over your belt or trouser waistline and holds your chalk ready for use. The base of the cube of chalk clips into a metal clip which in turn attaches to a strong magnet on the holder.

PowerGlide Tip Cement/Glue

£4.99 £2.99
1 tube of high quality professional cue tip cement. Use a screw tip cue? This cement can even be used to fix the ferrule to your cue. Portable and small enough to fit inside a cue case. Just the stuff for fixing cue tips securely to the end of cues.

PowerGlide Tip Shaper

£5.50 £2.50
This smart little 2-sided accessory is a must have item for all players. Great for shaping or domin your tip. Suitable for any standard of snooker or pool player. Tough red plastic casing.