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Harrows Alamo Dart Shafts

The best of both worlds, a fusion of aluminium top and moulded linker for all round precision performance. Pack of 3

Harrows Aluminium Dart Shafts

Designed in 1980, this classic waisted shape was styled on the Alamo shaft. Pack of 3

Harrows Anodised Aluminium Re-Grooved Dart Shafts

Winmau precision engineered Re-Grooved aluminium shafts feature unique style ring pattern, anodised colouring, cross-hole locking device and are super slotted for easy flight fit.

Harrows Colette Dart Shafts

Ultimate flight grip is achieved with the unique Colette top, which keeps the flights firmly locked in place - eliminating flight “fall-out”

Harrows Nylon Dart Shafts

The worlds most popular shafts made from high grade nylon for easy flight loading. The high-torque steel spring grips keep the flight firmly locked in place.

Harrows Prism Polycarbonate Dart Shafts

Winmau have developed a new material that offers unrivalled strength, with outstanding transparency colours. Each pack contains 3 shafts.

Harrows Supergrip Dart Shafts

Precision factory fitted machined rings, which unlike traditional rings, do not open when flights are fitted. This results in an incredible vice like grip.

Winmau Aluminium Dart Shafts

Aluminium dart shafts by Winmau Pack of 3