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C.M.S Cohesive Bandages

CMS Cohesive Bandage is a very economical cohesive bandage making it perfect for both occassional users and those such as rugby players who get through a lot of strapping.  Also a very cost-effective alternative to Vetrap for equine sports.

C.M.S Instant Soothe Sports Cold Pack

£0.90 £0.60
he CMS Medical sports instant ice pack can be activated instantly and ready to use in seconds. It stays cold for up to 30 minutes. This item is great for treating sports injuries, sprains, bumps, bruises insect bites and stings. Specially designed for use with both children and adults.  

C.M.S Latex Free Zinc Oxide Strapping

Coloured Rigid Zinc Oxide Strapping Tape Hypo-allergenic and Latex Free. Easy tear across the width and length. Each strapping tape is individually wrapped.

3.8cm x 9.1m


C.M.S Premium Ice Bag

£3.90 £2.99
The CMS pack ice bag provides fast effective treatment for bruises, swelling, strains and muscle pains by moulding around the effected area.  

CMS Alcohol Free Antiseptic Wipes

£1.00 £0.50
Antiseptic wipes that are perfect for cleansing wounds, grazes or any other purpose. Alcohol Free  

CMS Revive-Aid

The C.M.S Medical Revive Aid is designed with a one way valve to eliminate the risk of infection. These would be the perfect addition to any first aid it.  

Elastic Adhesive EAB Tape

Lite Tearable EAB – Elastic Adhesive Bandage used for firm support of sprains or strains. This lightweight adhesive bandage adheres well over limbs and joints. The EAB bandages are tearable and elastic plus self adhesive.

Microporous Tape

Microporous tape is a breathable tape similar to 3M Micropore (sometimes referred to as 'paper tape.')  It is ideal for securing bandages or taping light dressings directly to the skin.

Muscle Rub

Muscle Rub cream with capsaicin  

Petroleum Jelly

Along with it’s many other uses in sports, Petroleum Jelly can be used for cuts and sores, chapped lips as a moisturiser,  and also a make up remover.  

Thermal Emergency Foil Blanket

Foil Blanket made from metallised polyester film which reflects body heat. Strong and waterproof, this is ideal for any emergency situation. Size: 130 x 210cm  

Union Jack Kinesiology Tape

£5.50 £4.99
A great value kinesiology tape with a union jack pattern. Use to support sports injuries and improve proprioception during rehabilitation.  

Zinc Oxide Tape

A good quality zinc oxide tape for sport or medical uses. This is a very strong, multipurpose tape. Use for support and immobilization of injuries, tape grips, blister protection etc...
  • Provides rigid support, even under stress
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Can be torn by hand across length or width