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Agrifence 9-12v Battery Leads Spring Clip Connection

£10.95 £9.99
Used to enable a 9v energiser to run off a 12v battery. The spring clip ends fit easily and securely to the pillar type battery terminals for maximum connectivity.

Agrifence Classic Gate Anchors

Woodscrew double loop gateway insulator packed for bulk purchase. Recommended for short term installations.

Agrifence Croc Clips

£3.95 £3.70
Pair of crocodile clips 1 x red, 1 x green for general spare / replacement use.

Agrifence Croc Clips & Leads

£13.75 £12.75
Multipurpose 12 V leads with M8 ring ends.

Agrifence Earth Lead on Green Croc Clip

£5.95 £5.50
Replacement part for connecting the energiser to an earth rod or to the negative battery terminal.

Agrifence Easyrope 6 Paddock Rope 200m

£39.85 £34.99
High Visibility. Ideal for short temporary paddock dividing or grazing fence lines.

Agrifence Easystop Cut Out Switch

Robust and simple circuit breaker ideal for isolating paddocks or secondary fences.