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Andover PowerFlex Bandages Pack Of 18

A strong, flexible cohesive bandage ideal for support. High abrasion resistance keeps it from shredding. For equine/large animal use. Each roll is 10cm x 4.5m

Andover Vet EcoFlex Bandages

This economical, self-adhering bandage is sweat and water resistant and provides protection. It is quick and easy to apply in one continuous motion and won't constrict, yet it is easy to remove. Each roll is 10cm x 4.5m.

C.S.O. Gel Wraps

£61.50 £53.99
In hypoallergenic and breathable perforated gel, these wraps are the must have when it comes to shock protection. They are extremely flexible and easy to use, they mould perfectly to the shape of your horse’s legs with no risk of folds, and also protect old injuries. They are essential for workouts, and recommended for all equestrian disciplines: jumping, dressage, eventing, endurance, western, trekking and racing. They can even be cooled in the freezer and used as stable bandages to help with tendon and ligament recovery. Do not apply directly to skin when taken out of the freezer. In pairs. Machine washable at 30°C.



Cottage Craft Flex Wrap

£3.00 £2.65
Ideal as part of your horse's first aid kit. The self-adhesive, breathable and durable bandage sticks to itself and not to the skin or hair of the horse. The flex wrap fit means the bandage maintains its shape and size, providing consistent compression on the wound.

Cottage Craft Mini Flex Wrap

£2.00 £1.75
The flex-wrap is self-fixing without attaching to the skin or hair. Essential, durable and stretchy flex wrap bandage is a must have for any first aid kit.

Farnam Sealtex Latex Bandage Bit Tape

£11.24 £9.99
A self-sealing race bandage that will not cling to skin or hair and does not absorb water. Suitable for bandaging and repair jobs, it is stretchy and sticks to itself but also has a rubber like quality making it more tacky for stirrups. The best wet-track bandage as it is the only bandage that is completely unaffected by water, won't clog with mud, does not require fasteners of any kind and will not loosen. Also excellent for wrapping round nosebands and other saddlery items to protect your horse when extra care is needed. Used as bit wrap it gives the horse a soft feel with no cold bit in their mouth and is great after any dental work.

Gel-Eze™ Bandage

£13.40 £11.99
Under bandage for use in the stable, travelling and in the competition arena. Not only protects the horse's legs when bandaged but when chilled acts as an instant cold compress for sore joints and tendons also aiding the recovery from strenuous exercise and hard-ground trauma.

Harlequin Cohesive Flexible Wrap Bandages Pack Of 12

£27.00 £21.99

These easy flex adhesive bandages are self-adhesive, non-slip, breathable elastic and skin-friendly.

Supplied in a box of 12 in one solid colour.

Size 10cm x 4.5 m


Jumptec Flex-Wrap Cohesive Bandage

£3.20 £2.70
This cohesive bandage can be used under a horse boot. Soft and lightweight, it does not irritate the skin and does not stick to the hair. It is very abrasion resistant and sticks to itself. Easy to set and holds compresses onto injuries very well. Single unit.



NAF NaturalintX Wrap Bandages Pack Of 12

£27.84 £21.99
A cohesive, elasticated support bandage, purpose designed to hold wound dressings carefully in place. When applied correctly at approximately 50% stretch the NaturalintX Wrap will effectively secure the dressing neatly and comfortably over the wound. Efficient and easy to use.

Plus Equine Cohesive Bandage

Stretchy durable bandages that are breathable and stick to themselves rather than hair or skin, giving optimum comfortable protection. Size 10cm x 45cm.

Robinson Equiwrap Pack Of 24

£38.40 £32.99
A high quality cohesive stretch bandage. Ideal for support and protection and holding dressings safely in place.

Robinsons Healthcare Orthopaedic Padding Bandage

10cm x 2.7m Fast Aid Orthopaedic Padding Bandage is a conformable, easy to tear bandage that is soft and cushioning to protect bony prominences. Applied directly to the skin for padding splints and under adhesive bandages, the bandage is simply smoothed down and lightly adheres to itself for ease of application. Manufactured from non absorbent polyester, the bandage is particularly suitable for use as undercast padding with both plaster of Paris and synthetic casts, allowing moisture to drain away from the skin and reducing the risk of skin maceration and sensitivity, whilst retaining its shape and loft, even when the padding becomes wet. Fast Aid Orthopaedic Padding Bandage is also highly suitable for equine and general veterinary use.
  • Soft, smooth and highly conformable
  • Protects bony prominences and sensitive areas
  • Ideal as undercast padding
  • Easy to apply and tear
  • Retains shape and loft even when wet
  • Also suitable for veterinary use
  • Individually packed

Robinsons Healthcare Stayform Bandage

4metres long Stayform is a high quality woven polyamide and cellulose contour bandage that fully conforms to the British Pharmacopoeia (BP) monograph. Designed to retain dressings securely to the wound without inhibiting movement or restricting circulation, Stayform is particularly effective when used on areas of the body that are usually awkward to dress, such as the hand. Stayform is thin, lightweight and comfortable in use. The bandage’s non-fraying edges maintain a neat appearance and minimise the risk of fibre linting, which could contaminate the wound. Stayform is particularly gentle and kind to the most sensitive and delicate skin. Each bandage is supplied individually wrapped.
  • Retains dressings securely on any part of the body
  • Soft and conformable – will not restrict movement or circulation
  • Thin, lightweight & comfortable to use
  • Gentle and kind to delicate skin
  • Designed to be held securely in position using Fast Aid adhesive tapes

Robinsons Healthcare Veterinary Flexoplast Bandage

4.5metres Flexoplast is an elastic veterinary adhesive bandage. Manufactured from strong, woven elasticated fabric, Flexoplast is supplied with an adhesive coated outer face to make application easier, particularly for small animals. The bandage has a centre guideline to aid application. Flexoplast is suitable for immobilisation, support and compression bandaging and dressing retention. It is ideal for awkward to dress areas.
  • Strong, adhesive bandage
  • Adhesive coated outer face for ease of application
  • Suitable for compression bandaging and dressing retention
  • Ideal for awkward to dress areas

Vetset Crepe Bandage

The VetSet Crepe bandage is a strong support bandage to provide firm directional support, particularly for tissue injury repair. Comfortable, permeable and absorbent the VetSet Crepe bandage will aid the natural healing process. Can be autoclave sterilised or washed. Individually wrapped to avoid contamination and provided a clean bandage when required.

Vetset WrapTec Cohesive Bandage

£3.99 £1.00
The Vetset WrapTec is a self-adhering bandage, ideal for holding dressings and providing support during strenuous excercise. Care must be taken when used for over padding to avoid restriction to blood flow. Easy to tear, WraptTec will conform to hold dressings securely, allowing movement without slippage. Individually packed to avoid contamination and available in a variety of colours.